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for a murder suspect continues this weekend. armored vehicles, u.s. marshals and s.w.a.t. team members are part of the force looking for 35-year-old aran bachelor much he's accused of killing a fort bragg city councilman and another man. >> there's only one way to solve this right now, and that's to go into the woods in a very dangerous situation and find him and bring him out. >> his father told us off camera he tried to warn officials about his son's mental state two years ago. >>> this morning one girl is dead and two others injured after a stabbing at a los angeles high school. police say the girl was attacked by her ex-boyfriend yesterday. they say he grabbed her in a head lock, began punching her. she died following complications from surgery at a nearby hospital. a teacher and another male student who had stepped in to help were also stabbed. the ex-boyfriend has been booked on suspicion of murder. >>> health officials are hoping to get 200 kid vaccinated so they can get back in school. yesterday those kids were turned away from school because they don't have their whooping cough booster
from san francisco. >> reporter: well, kids in texas have to be at least 16 years old to use a tanning bed. we talked to one owner who said his business has been impacted because it's in an urban area. although all in all, he says that most teenagers he knows tend to tan the old fashioned way outside. we'll be checking in with this salon called brownie's to see if they are worried about the new california law. it bans minors from using tanning beds. 30 other states do have restrictions. but california being the first state to get such a high age limit. nearly 28 million people use tanning beds in the year. >> i grew up in washington state where we didn't see much sun. so definitely at times we would go to the tanning salon. if i could go back, i wouldn't do it. it's not good for you and it needs to have more control. >> reporter: researchers say those who use the tanning beds before they are 20 have a high chance of developing me law know ma. now, the -- melanoma. this new law goes into effect january 21st. coming up we'll check in with bay area high school students about what they thi
are out of their homes after an apartment building fire. al erastus joins us live from the scene with the details. >> john, the latest estimates is as many as 100 people are displaced by this fire. it started just after 1:00 this morning and started in this apartment building behind us or you do the damage to that particular apartment is very visible. smoke and fire damage and windows blown out. what the chief says is just about every other unit in this long rectangular building also has him smoke, fire, or water damage. she explained that that it was all 32 units share a common hallway that runs right down the center of the building. >> affair bread -- the fire spread a bit more. it is on the inside. in several places, the floor burnt through. >> at 1 k for this was a three alarm fire. at least one of the residents tried jumping off of their second- floor balcony to escape the fire. firefighters provided that person with a ladder and they were able to climb down to safety. two residents went to the hospital. we don't know the extent of their injuries. we are also told a firefigh
to dealing with witnesses. the other was fired for using police computers to look up confidential information about a private citizen. the two firings were mentioned in a just released police commission report but the details remain shrouded in secrecy due to police privacy laws. >>> the chp is investigating a highway death on a freeway near martinez. it happened last night on 680 just north of highway 4. the chp says a 53-year-old woman from concord got out of her car and started wandering on the freeway. she was immediately hit by several cars and killed. those drivers all stopped and are cooperating with investigators. the chp believes the bomb was under the influence of alcohol. per name has not yet been repleased -- released. >>> a 25-year-old oakland woman facing charges after police say she told prescriptions an syringes out of the back of her mini vann. they say -- minivan. they say it appears she bought these legally across the bordered an brought them over. so authorities are warning anyone who purchased medicine from her, they could be harmful. >>> herman cain is now facing charges
it looks like it's going to cool us down. really not going to bring us much rain. here's your forecast for your sunday. we're gray at this hour. but by 12:00 we're turning mostly clear. then our afternoon actually looks pretty good. temperatures will remain on the mild side, even a little cooler than yesterday. we will be with scattered clouds at least through the first half of the day. temperatures sitting in the 60s for the coastline, 70s for our inland areas. sonoma 76 for the afternoon, 69 expected this afternoon for sausalito, 73 castro valley, 76 expected in danville for the afternoon. your south bay forecast, 74 expected in santa clara, along the peninsula here 73 redwood city, 70 for san bruno. 67 in the city for the afternoon. as we head back to work tomorrow, temperatures will warm a little bit. back into the low 80s for the inland area. take a look at tuesday, wednesday, we are looking at those clouds. that low pressure rolling through. then behind it we do bounce back. fair skies expected on thursday. upper 60s for the coast. if you're going out to support the nike women's
miles deep. several ktvu viewers are telling us bottles fell down and shattered and some items also fell off their dressers. >> just started shaking a little bit. it probably lasted two or three seconds and it was alarming. >> reporter: are you ready for the big one? >> no. i'm from new york originally. so not yet. >> it was really a short shake. it was not the big kaboom like last week. >> this morning's quake is in the same area as last week's quake along the hayward fault. on the ktvu "mornings on 2" facebook site viewers from san francisco to castro valley felt the shaker. wendy said her daughters woke up screaming "earthquake! "we'll have a live report on that quake coming up at 7:15. and a reminder, our special report, the next great quake will run tonight at 9:on ktvu. the special will look at earthquake preparedness, updates in technology prediction and just how prepared we are for the big one. the program airs tonight at 9:00 on channel 2. >>> police backed up on their plans to occupy protests. claudine wong has more. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning. it's still
us now. >> we have another nice day in store. not at warm as the last couple days, and we're going to have high clouds once again some if it felt a little muggy yesterday afternoon, may get that way into the afternoon once we move through the second half of your saturday. we're cloud youy this morning with fog on the coastline. we're going to be mild as you get outside this morning. and then for the afternoon, anywhere from five to 10 degrees of cooling. we'll look at what you can expect for your area coming up. >>> in one hour, oakland's mayor and the city's top law enforcement officials will be meeting to talk about how to make the city safer. and as ali rasmus reports live, new police chief howard jordan will be in attendance today. what can we expect? >> reporter: according to the mayor's office, a lot of discussion among all kinds of different people in the community, including community leaders, and you can see it some of these fliers that they've handed out earlier in the last couple weeks, getting the word out about this neighborhood safety summit. the planning board starte
is in the weather center watching it for us. >> claudine, that's true. we have showers moving through. it looks like it already went flew the city. along oakland and the 880 corridor. the system has moved out rapidly. some of the rain totals over 2 for many. >> it is really cool. santa rosa, 48. it will be a brisk day. if you have any breeze, that just compounds the problem. there is a line norming it looks like stretching off from the golden gate to the east bay. that will continue -- that will continue to the peninsula in the next couple of hours. maybe some thunderstorms, hail, some partly cloudies but more rain. high pressure is on its way. it will be here soon. i think we'll get some 30s in wind-protected areas in the north bay. it starts to come down. and with your -- with your weekend view -- we have a lot of breaking news. i apologize for me -- for being distracted here. traffic is gonna be tough as you go i around the bay area. give yourself extra time for the commute. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 traffic is slying off. but earlier we had a look hat some of the s
will be working on that for us so we're trying talk to someone with the encampment, occupy oakland demonstration, to ask them their response to the city's eviction notice served last night. ali rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more people were arrested this morning at the occupy protests in san jose. the movement tweeted that two deem elevators were taken into custody and one was released soon afterwards. this is the second round of arrests outside city hall. late thursday night and friday morning, 8 people were arrested. demonstrators say they will not be deterred. >> we got it pretty hard, about three-quarters of our stuff was taken. and i'm still out here, not going anywhere. >> so demonstrateddors paid a $500 bail and return to the camp a few hours after getting arrested on misdemeanor charges. city officials are concerned about vandalism and public health and don't want protestors to camp overnight. >>> occupy san francisco protestors plan a rally this afternoon at the federal reserve bang on market street. demonstrateddors companying there for the past two weeks and this solidarity march c
akraig debro joins us -- ktvu's kraig debro joins us live. what's happening this morning? >> reporter: good morning, tori. it seems the people are back and they are back possibly because they believe what is a shield for them for the curfew. police are nowhere to be scene. the oakland city council says it will convene a special meeting to discuss what happened. meanwhile, all comments on tuesday. mayor jean quan tried to offer an apology. it was rejected. the mayor had to flee into city hall. ive stead, she issued this statement -- "we're deeply saddened with the outcome on tuesday. it was not what anybody hoped for. it was my responsibility and i apologize for what happened." [ yelling ] >> reporter: scott olsen suffered a fractured skull after being hit in the head from a project -- with a projectile. he served two iraqi wars without ming injured. it's just one of the irony of the situations. >> scott olsen, it breaks my heart, my son, my wife and i have been basically sitting we crying behind this -- sitting crying behind all of this. >> reporter: some have decided to pitch tents.
away from us. i'm not trying to get anybody out there who has information in trouble but i just want a name, get pointed in the right direction and our investigation will take care of the rest. >> the shooter is described as a young, slim black man with shoulder length hair and gold teeth. >>> a crash happened in the northbound lane in the northbound lane near elowen boulevard. passers by pulled the big rig driver out of his cab. his condition is unknown and it's not clear what caused the big rig to overturn. >>> this morning, b.a.r.t. completed a survey about changing the weekend service. the proposed plan is to delay saturday morning service by 20 minutes. the proposal includes an early morning bus shuttle to b.a.r.t. stations. this morning b.a.r.t. workers were out getting feedback at four san francisco stations. the board is expected to vote next month. board members voted against a similar proposal in june. the major concern is that the changes would hurt saturday riders. >> the parade of ship also officially kick off today ales fleet week eend. giving you a live look right now.
. it does look like some sort of commercial building or it could be a mixed use space. firefighters arrived about a half-hour ago. first firefighters on the scene noticed heavy black smoke and flames and we saw that, too. now there is reportedly a rescue going on of someone inside. our crew is just arriving on the scene. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up in minutes. it's 7:00, let's go back to the desk. >>> more than a dozen people were hurt after a crash between two amtrak trains at 10:00 last night. ktvu's paul chambers has more on how this ahappenned. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. we're nine hours out. there are crews working to repair the tracks. that may take some time because they moved lifts to move one of the locomotive the out of the way -- loy mow coatives out of the -- locomotives out of the way. at the point of impact there's a look at video here where the two train collided. amtrak officials say around 10:00, the coast starlight train was stopped at the jack london station when it was stopped by -- struck by the san joaquin train. >> the train that was mo
washington, d.c. newsroom with what u.s. officials are saying about the reports of gaddafi's capture and possible death. >>> back at home, authorities in el dorado county have just arrested the richmond security guard who was a target of a massive manhunt. investigators say 50-year-old duran long opened fire on his fellow security guards after arguing with his supervisor. craig debro is in richmond, where he confirmed the arrest. kraig. >> reporter: thank you, dave. talked to the lieutenant with the police department from whom you'll hear live in just a second. she confirmed duran was arrested 45 minutes ago. this is the building where he was accused of shooting at least one other coworker. it happens crescent park apartment in richmond. look at the video. you can see pockmark in the wall where a bullet hole has gone through the wall there. this is 50-year-old duran long. he is in custody. the building has bullet holes through it and there's a tree next to the building that is placards next to it with bullet homes. go ahead morning, lieutenant french. thank you for joining us. how wa
steve jobs. allie rasmus joins us live from palo alto with more on the book that hits store shelves today. >> reporter: good morning. the book is already available in electronic form. so undoudly -- undoubtedly people will be reading it on products that steve jobs manufactured. we downloaded a copy of the electronic form of steve jobs' biography. it started from the beginning of his life from his adoption and childhood. the book talks about how living here in the south bay influenced jobs and facilitated his interest in electronics. it talks about how he and steve wazniak started to work together, tinkering with electronic boxes in their garage. the book is 636 peaks lodge -- pages long and is written by walter isaac son who said he -- isaacson who said he recorded more than 40 interviews with jobs to formal sitdown interviews with jobs over the last two years, the last of which was done days before the apple founder passed away earlier this month. isaacson, the author, says it was his goal in the book to include all aspects of jobs' life, not just the positive part. allie rasmus, k
to watch the game. >> ricky's is known as a raiders bar. yesterday the owners told us they were expecting a large crowd of fans to gather to watch the first raiders aim without legendary team owner al davis at the home. they have got some sense is that about here. we are not sure whether that is to accommodate extra fans and overflow crowd -- overflow crowd. they do have a marquee paying tribute to al davis with his signature phrase, just win, baby. it was a similar story at this memorial in alameda. that is where fans can buy to pay their respect's to davis. he died at the age of 82 and he was part of the raiders organization for nearly half a century. first as a coach, later as an outspoken owner. many fans did a raiders fan experience at home games will be different without davis. >> he would see them pull up in his car and he got out. it took him of all-time, but he was just yelling at the fans and telling everyone to keep supporting and keeping part of the nation. it was really cool. >> exactly who will own and manage the raiders next is still not completely clear of all the raiders
. now, a firefighter on the scene told us one person received injuries. we believe he's the truck driver. two others received -- received minor injuries, including a woman. the chp will be arriving shortly. we'll eight get an update from him. but traffic affected on 101 between the bay bridge and ceaser chavez. it won't open back up again until moon. they actually have to upright the truck and check the integrity of the freeway. you can see where all of that debris is. when we first arrived on the scene, a firefighter told me one of the trucks had hit a guardrail. again, back out here, you can see that the -- that the roadway underneath the overpass is shut off. it's a really small section. it shouldn't affect traffic on these city streets. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> right now, let's check in with sal castanedo how you can deviate, get around this mess. sal? >> tara, this morning, one of the ways to get out of san francisco would be to use the 280 extension to get yourself down to 101. if you are on the other side of town, you can go to 19th avenue
. as paul chambers tells us, four people were shot including a 9- year-old little girl. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. we're still waiting more word on this case from pittsburg police. but we know this -- there were about 30 people at that birthday party when a 9-year- old was shot. >> there was a party going. you got kids. i heard fire crackers and i came out and checked and i heard all of the screaming. the kids were crying and all of that stuff. >> reporter: it all happened a little after 8:30 last night. pittsburg police say two people wearing dark clothing and dark bandanas walked up to this house and started firing in this garage. now, the shooters wounded a 9- year-old and three teenagers under the age of 19. two of the victims had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter and were in critical condition. however all four are expected to survive. now, published worsts say the -- reports say the gunman left on foot. the family at the party don't believe this was gang-related. we're still awaiting word from police. we'll take a look at the house in the next hour. paul chambers,
a woman. ktvu kraig debro is live for us in oakland and has information on a possible person of interest in this case, kraig? >> reporter: yeah, we did talk to oakland police, telling us exactly that. they have a person of interest in this case, not calling that person a suspect or identified the person. and now here at ace hardware, employees of the ace hardware, they were among several people that might have saved the victim's life. they made a tourniquet with someone's belt, stopping the bleeding, and they also told us what lead up to the shooting. >> a lady said she almost hit these people and then heard two pops. >> she said i didn't do anything. i said it's okay. >> they ran across the street. >> the crime actually started in the parking lot of lucky's across the street. an employee from ace hardware across the street says that a witness told him that the woman was chased across the street to the sidewalk in front of ace hardware. after the victim was shot, shed told the ace hardware -- she told the ace hardware manager what happened. >> he asked me for my purse, no, he snatched my
morning. we have two developing stories right now that sal is follow r for us. one is a problem on the -- following for us. one is a problem on the bay bridge. the other is a fire. sal? >> we'll start with the bay bridge. there's a new crash on the bay bridge. two lanes blocked with a motorcycle crash just left of fremont street almost in san francisco. now we're looking at the toll plaza and this toll plaza will get much worse. if you're a bay bridge driver, speed up your routine, get out that early. you will need the extra time. we also have a fire near b street. this fire was sending smoke in the air. the fire department sent several ire units to the scene. we're not sure if anyone has been injured. we saw firefighters searching the ire a -- area. you can still see some smoke. it's kind of hard to tell because it's dark. you can see some smoke. it looks like this is definitely an active fire scene. we'll be following both of these situations. we'll have another fire update and also another bay bridge update straight ahead. >>> thank you, sal. >>> 7:02. we're following another
and good morning, rose mary. >> its going to be slight ally warmer this day. and some of us will be slightly cooler for the afternoon. and especially right along the coastline and we expect the breeze to return to the area by late afternoon. waking up with patchy fog. we will look at temperatures in a few minutes. >>> repairs will be needed to be made at one store front following an occupy march in downtown oakland. they have wasted no time telling ktvu, they were behind the march or the vandalism that came with it. >> we have a look at what happened. and what is next. ally? >> reporter: it started with the rally that started with the plaza behind me and some people said they were protesting what they said is excessive use of police force. now, in the those protests, one of the people seriously hurt, scott olson. he is a rallying cry for demonstrators and this is a memorial for olson. with candles. pictures and signs in front of the plaza. >> we are scott olson. >> 500 people took part last night and there was a police presence. police in riot gear did form a line out in fro
have recovered four weapons, but believe alman is still armed and dangerous. deputies used 14 red helicopter to see if there was any trace of the 47-year-old, and we believe again there's going to be some sort of search effort resuming now that the sun is just starting to come up. we'll keep you posted. tara marietta, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. >>> despite the ungoing search, classes will be held as usual today at schools in the cupertino, sunnyvale area. as a precaution, all schools were on lockdown yesterday. students at peterson middle school were kept in their first- period class all day, before being released to they're parents. today there will be a continued police presence around area schools. parents will be notified of any changes through their school districts' emergency notification systems. >>> employees at nearby apple headquarters were told to stay indoors yesterday because of that search for the gunman. but today there's a much different focus of apple. president obama is among millions of people all over the world mourning the death yesterday of appl
are nervously waiting for that jury decision. our reporter rick price, telling us live from seattle, that those reporters stayed up all night and watched the italian proceeding. good morning, rick. >> reporter: good morning dave. good morning, everybody. the mood was emotional up there in the hotel as the friend of amanda watched rivetted that feed from the italian croom. there was barely a sound in the courtroom as amanda knox took the stand there. the emotion was evident, hands clasped, jaws tight, eyes shiny with tears. after amanda knox professed her innocent through tears, it was discovered that the wait would continue. >> we are all very, very optimistic. but at the same time you don't know what could happen. you know what the truth is. you are just helping they get it. >> reporter: they know they have a while to wait. the judge suggests it will be at least 11:00 seattle time and i can tell you up in that hotel room, there's still too many people that are waiting watch. back to you. >> thank you, rick price, live in seattle. >>> today, the u.s. supreme court begins a new session full of h
. >>> we begin with breaking news this morning. u.s. officials say 13 american service members were killed in afghanistan. it happened in kabul. officials say a suicide bomber driving a van loaded with explosives rammed right into a nato convoy. this is the deadliest attack on coalition forces in more than two months. the taliban immediately claimed responsibility for this attack. also this morning, in southern afghanistan, a man in an afghan military uniform turned his weapon nato and afghan forces. at least two nato service members died in that incident. this morning, friends and family are mourning the loss of a milpitas man killed in afghanistan. a u.s. military says 31-year- old steven j dunning was killed thursday while on his second tour of duty. he was a marine for 13 years, working in explosive ordnance kiss pose alm a job depicted here in the movie "the hurt locker." his father says despite the risk, his son loved the job and believed it was all worth it. >> it was important to him because he knew the iud's could kill a lot of marines. so by him taking a part, he was saving a lot
. the goal is to free up resources to focus us -- to focus on high-risk and unknown passengers in miami, detroit, dallas. >>> the travel industry is launching a new public relations, aimed at blocking the obama administration's call for higher fees on airline tickets. coming up at 7:15, we'll have a live about this. >>> 7:06. advocates for the disabled are not happy about the new $2 million access ramp at the la fayette b.a.r.t. station. the ramp, they say, zigzags up the hill to theburg is station south entrance. it-- it does in the have access to go from the parking lot to the sidewalk where the ramp begins. there are 117 stalls for vehicles. however, none of the disabled. >>> the oakland city auditor, it's shown that it quadrupled to $51 million. the auditor said it was allowed to expand to that because no single agency was in control. she said it's important to have a more organized approach during the massive renovation of the oakland army base. >>> all right. 7:07 is the time. we want to check in with sal and see how things are on the roads. >> we are looking at slow traffic as it
industrial diamonds are used in health care and clean tech. >>> this morning, light rail trains are back up and running in the south bay after a deadly late night collision that happened just before midnight in the area of north first street and east trimble road. the train stuck and killed a man not identified yet. he was crossing the train tracks when he was hit. no other injuries have been reported. >> we did have 10 passengers on the train at the time of the accident and there's no report of any injury on their end. we were able to get them off the train and transport them to their destination safely. >> the accident is still under investigation. train service had been shut down overnight for about five hours while police collected evidence. >>> all right, it's 7:07 and of course, watching traffic for you, starting across the country right now. >> good morning right now. traffic is busier. this is the heart of the commute and we're going to start on highway 4 westbound. if you are driving on highway 4, you have stop-and-go traffic all the way to pittsburgh and then more slow traffic as
in san leandro right here behind us on the corner of aladdin and the parking lot of this industrial park is where the shooting happened around 1:30 this morning. three people were killed. two others seriously wounded. >> the party was shut down. it ended. and as the party-goers were leaving the area of the party, they were in the parking lot and that's when the victims were approached by what we believe to be right now two gunmen that were on foot. they shot multiple rounds. >> those two gunmen ran away on foot and police are still looking for them. police don't know at this point whether the victims here were targeted. but they say so far, police don't have any information indicating any sort of fights or altercation right before this shooting but police are asking the public for help. this happened in the parking lot outside a warehouse party and police say there were at least 100 people at that event last night. they say anyone who may have seen or heard anything that happened is asked to give san leandro police a call. >>> the search for the man suspected of killing two men in mendo
they don't have an i.d. card issued from here in the u.s. >>> congress could be getting closer to legalizing online gambling. ktvu's alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom where a house committee is $ing if it's a safe bet. alison? >> reporter: that's right, dave. supporters of online gambling say legalizing it will bring in billions in tax revenues. members of congress will hear both sides this morning. proponents say 15 million americans are already gambling online using overseas websites and they say allowing licensed sites to operate in the united states would generate jobs and help boost the economy. but critics -- but critics say it would encourage a dangerous addiction. congress banned the transfer of money to online gaming sites in the u.s. in 2006 and the obama administration shut down several big online poker sites in april, we'll have live coverage from the hearing room during my next update in about an hour. for now we're live in washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:17. well, union leaders and a group of san jose city employees a
for that type of favoritism that's being shown to banks and corporations. none of it is trickling down to us. >> reporter: again, you can see that there's a number of people down here. they are trying to organize this now to get together. there's even a guy riding an exercise bike down here. this is the communications center down here. paul, go to why rush hour. so there's streaming -- paul go to the right. so there's streaming video of all of the occupied sites in the united states. this march is about to start in 15 minutes. we're listening to an announcement from the hyatt regency. this is gonna be downtown which might be a problem for those trying to commute. back to you. >> thank you. >>> members of move will stage a -- will stage a protest. this is youtube video taken in santa cruz where two demonstrators tried to close their accounts last friday. the women say the bank manager kicked them out and protesters are not allowed inside the branches because of safety concerns. the u.s. says iran was behind the plot to assassinate the saudi arabiaian ambassador. mor coming
they are using include shove, pushing beating. i talked to one protester a second ago. i said one of the people from sunday night who was hurt went to the hospital. >> mayor ed lee said that he supported first amendment rights and everything. but that doesn't necessarily explain why the police react the way they have. [ chanting ] >> reporter: yesterday, "occupy san francisco" supporters marched up to market street to mission and today they will go to city hall to speak to the board meeting. they will ask politicians to back off and let them exercise their first amendment rights. just last night, ed lee supported free speech rights and also said it's important for the sidewalks to remain safe and accessible. police say that's all they are trying to do. >> we're going to issue a notice, sort of laying out this first amendment activities that the police department is, of course, supporting but those violations of law that could result in enforcement action. >> reporter: protesters have conducted many nonviolent acts. still, even though they are nonviolent, it's a form of protest but it also runs
rescued overnight by firefighters. tara moriarty joins us live from concord with exclusive video. tara? >> reporter: well, firefighters at station 6 can feel pretty good about themselves this morning because they pulled two women from a burning house and one of the firefighters who carried the woman out was wearing this helmet. on it, you can see a camera that's attached to it. we have some video to show you that gives you a real sense of what it was like inside the house. it's very dark. it's very smoky but it really shows you how dangerous a firefighter's job can be. >> where you at, ma'am? where are you? >> where is she? >> she's in that bedroom there. >> i got her right here. come with me, ma'am. let's go! >> reporter: the two firefighters were able to pull the two women out. one walked one of the women out. the other firefighter carried the other woman out. >> we could hear the people in the background screaming i've been a firefighter for 13 years now, and this is actually my first live rescue of two people. normally the situations don't dictate that, especially at this time of t
, they've referred to us the school district so we're going to try to spoke to them this morning, as well as some parent to find out if they're on edge this morning. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> occupy oakland will have to stop occupying the plaza overnight. activists have been camped out near city hall for close on two weeks now, but the city of oakland posted an order on its website last night saying activists must now vacate the plaza by 10:00 every night. a long stand rat problem, fighting, public urination and vandalism are cited as reasons for the order. coming up at 7:30, we'll find out how protestors are stopping to the new order. >>> new this morning, there is no more occupy camp outside of san jose city hall. the group tweeted that everyone was arrested around 3:00 this morning. our ktvu camera went to city hall and it's all clear now. no word on how many people were arrested. >>> the east palo alto teach who hit and killed a 6-year-old girl a crosswalk says the sun blinded her from seeing the child. the teacher hit 6-year-old girl last month at bay roa
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